Data centers and HPC

We are a leading company providing a unique combination of skills and experience in HPC operations, infrastructure and compute servers.

We are a leading European full-service technology company specializing in three main business industries.
Data center services

We design and build modern data centers with technologies for the future using proven practices and standards.

High-performance computing (HPC)

Helping companies with handling HPC implementation of any compute, software, or infrastructure challenges.

We are Bluesio Technologies

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Best technology solutions

Why choose us?

Practical experience with building and running new data centers

We can help you to build your own data center equipped with best-in-class server equipment.

We will help you optimize your data centers

Automation, hardware and software optimization, network and facility security, virus control management, 24/7 monitoring.

Best energy prices and agreements

Energy service agreements, energy rate negotiation assistance and price hedges to reduce energy bills efficiently to achieve highest profit.

Next-generation green energy cooling solutions

Our partners produce the next-generation cooling systems for green, high-powered data centers.


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About us

Bluesio Technologies

We are a leading European company providing data centers and HPC.

Established in 2021 as a spin-of the investment arm of Blue bridge invest, Bluesio technologies is entirely dedicated to the development of modern and innovative Data center facilities. Strong of highly qualified experts team with proven professional record, Bluesio technologies intends to continue and provide bespoke digital solutions.

In today’s technological world, workloads get more and more difficult and a simple office server is no longer enough. Our solutions work for any kind of workload, saving you time when rendering, AI, data storage, bulk data etc. When talking prototype design, less time means less costs, shorter time to market and accelerated innovation.

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Bluesio Technologies s.r.o

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Practical experience with building and running new data centers

We can help you to build your own data center equipped with best-in-class supercomputers. Using the same methodology we use in our own facilities, we help create best practices to ensure your facility runs smoothly. We are the owners of cutting-edge technological equipment and we are ready to advise you on technical as well as legal matters. Building a new data center has many tricky parts, including data center design, maintenance, finance, and many others.

This is why Bluesio Technologies s.r.o offers consultation to all clients interested in building and running the best possible facilities and provides expert advice to all your questions. Whether you are making a new facility or looking to optimize your current one, our team of experts can help to do that.

We will help you optimize your data centers


We seek to automate workflows to allow unprecedented monitoring & risk mitigation for operations.

Hardware and software optimization

We modify mining equipment to run the most efficient software/firmware combination & innovate facility architecture to achieve optimal performance.

Network and facility security

We will ensure a high level of network security for your supercomputers, so that your facility is not vulnerable to any attacks from outside (hackers), or inside (internal staff).

We can provide 24/7 surveillance to protect physical assets & practice strong password management within systems. Using individual accounts & logins for staff allows access to be removed quickly, and securely, & protects the larger system from a compromised account.

Virus control management

Using RSA keys, SSH access, and centralized servers, we limit infected machines from being introduced to the network from harming operations. We take it a step further by updating staff education, training, and procedures to prevent repeat infections.

24/7 monitoring

Through the use of custom software, we can monitor all our facilities and hardware regardless of location. The ability to monitor & manage devices remotely ensures a rapid response to problems that arise.

Best energy prices and agreements

Energy service agreements

With our industry knowledge and experience working with energy companies, we can consult in drafting & reviewing these agreements to help lock in a favorable power rate.

Energy rate negotiation assistance

We have experience negotiating power rates & seek to ensure a positive outcome for both – for you as the client and the power company. We do this for our own operations as well as our clients.

Load shedding

Load shedding is an efficient way to reduce our energy bill and thus get to the highest profitability and the lowest costs. By load shedding during super peaks with a proper PPA, you can drastically reduce energy costs.

Next-generation green energy cooling system solutions

We work with best-in-class commercial companies which will make every data center and other high-performance computing application we work in, as energy and space efficient, sustainable, and productive as possible.

Our partners produce the next-generation cooling systems for green, high-powered data centers, and remote edge applications, significantly reducing cooling costs while increasing the amount of computing density per rack.