How to Use QR Codes in Your Printed Materials

Have you ever seen a black and white, square matrix barcode on a business card or brochure? That’s a QR code! It stands for “Quick Response” and is an efficient way to drive customers to additional content related to your product or service. Incorporating QR codes into your printed materials can quickly direct people to helpful website or video content without having to type in the exact URL address manually into their device’s browser. Let’s explore how you can use QR codes in your marketing strategy.

How do QR Codes Work?

QR codes are simple 2D barcodes that store information about a particular product or service, like websites, videos, contact information, etc. Customers can scan the code with their smartphone, tablet, or laptop camera (with the help of an app) and be directed directly to the source of the information with one click. To make sure that customers know what they can expect when they scan your code, it’s important to include some sort of call-to-action on your printed materials such as “Scan this code for more information!”

Where Can I Use QR Codes?

The possibilities are endless! You can keep it simple by using them on business cards so customers can quickly find out more about your company and its services/products. Or you could get creative by incorporating them into product packaging or print ads. This will allow people to instantly access additional information, like unboxing videos and customer reviews. By providing relevant resources in a convenient way, you will increase customer engagement while also saving them time from searching online for more details about what you offer.

Do I Need Special Software?

No special software is needed for creating or scanning QR codes — just an app like i-Nigma for smartphones and tablets or Kaywa Reader for laptops/computers. Generating custom QR codes is typically done via websites like qrcode-monkey where all you have to do is enter the URL address that corresponds with the content you want customers to see after scanning your code and then download it onto your computer once it has been created.

Incorporating QRs into printed materials is an easy and effective way of driving customers directly toward helpful website and video content related to what you offer without requiring manual entry of URLs into their device’s browser window. Just remember these tips; make sure there’s a clear call-to-action on your material letting people know they should scan it; be creative with where you place them; no special software needed; generate custom QRs on sites like qrcode-monkey; use apps like i-Nigma & Kaywa Reader; and be sure the URL matches up with relevant info so as not disappoint potential customers who scan it expecting something else entirely! With these points in mind, adding QRs into your marketing strategy should be a breeze!